Dear Members / Visitors

You have entered our new Renfrew Bowling Club website. It is hoped that over the coming months and for the foreseeable future that this website will become one of our principle ways of communicating with you.

It is intended that we will post news of all aspects of what's going on within the club both on the bowling front and the social events. It is also our intention to advise the members in advance of any projects that are to be undertaken either within the Clubhouse or with the bowling green.

It is also hoped that when people who have access to the internet get used to going on to our website they find it useful and informative.

We will of course continue to use the traditional methods of communication for people who do not have internet access.

In due course we would like feedback from the members regarding the website and it's content. We would also like contributions from our members and we will advise you shortly on how you can do this.

This form of communication is of course only as good as the content therein so the committee have undertaken that the information will be kept up to date and as topical as possible

I hope that over the coming weeks and months that you enjoy using the website and find it informative and fun !

Yours Sincerely

Martin Duncan

President 2018


 Phone: 0141 561 1007


We ensure a welcoming invite to all  members and to members of our sister clubs.

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