Please check the notice boards and get your ties arranged and played by the dates shown for each round. The match committee will be monitoring the ties very closely this year to make sure everything is played in a timely fashion. 

Notices for the friendlies are posted on the notice board, please keep an eye open for these and play when you can. 



Please keep an eye on the noticeboards in the locker room to see if you have been selected for any upcoming competitions, and always tick off your name to confirm your availability. If you are unavailable please contact the match secretary or a member of the match committee to allow time for reserves to be selected

Weekly Reports and Results will follow throughout the season.

If you have any questions or problems relating to bowling issues during the season, please do not hesitate to contact me at the following e-mail address: or on the phone number printed in your diary, I will be only too happy to assist.

Kind Regards

Tom Gray
Match Secretary 

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